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Sea Level, Ice-sheet and Glacier dynamics

The evaluation of the response of polar ice-sheets and mountain glaciers since the last glaciation provides an important insight into the modalities of deglaciation dynamics, both at the global and regional scales.

In the marine domain, in the continuity of the work done in the Atlantic (e.g. Barbados) and Pacific (Tahiti,) oceans, our studies of sea level variations are extended to the Indian Ocean (Eparses Islands, Mayotte, Madagascar).. It is indeed essential to obtain high-resolution and sufficiently accurate records of relative sea level in regions far from the former ice caps in order to reconstruct the eustatic component and to determine the ice source caps during deglaciation. These studies will be based primarily on the coupling of U-Th and 14C data on coral samples. In continental environment, the development of the method of analysis of the cosmogenic nuclide "carbon-14 produced in situ" will allow to reconstruct periods of glacial recession during the Holocene (ANR WARHOL project). This unique approach in France is an innovative development axis for the Climate team.


These themes are carried out in collaboration with the Earth & Planets team (associated with the LN2C-ASTER platform) of CEREGE.

Ces thématiques sont réalisées en collaboration avec l’équipe (associée à la plateforme ) du CEREGE.