Centre Européen
de Recherche et d'Enseignement
des Géosciences de l'Environnement

Earth's magnetic field

Understanding the geodynamo needs a clear description of the spatial and temporal variations of the Earth’s magnetic field. We characterize these variations at several scales: from Ma to ka, from sample to lithospheric sources. Our recent projects focus on:

  • the paleomagnetic and archeomagnetic study of samples from areas poorly-represented in global paleomagnetic databases
  • the high resolution secular variation of the Earth’s magnetic field during the last My by coupling paleomagnetism and 10Be concentration in sedimentary cores
  • the study of the magnetic properties of rock and sediments’ samples: archeological (granite-made antique columns) and geological (magnetostratigraphy) applications
  • geologic numerical modeling constrained by magnetic field data and magnetization measurements on samples
  • field geophysics on archeological and geological sites
  • the study of the influence of the thermodynamic conditions on the rock magnetization: unique pressure cell experiment to measure magnetization under crustal conditions


Active projects