Centre Européen
de Recherche et d'Enseignement
des Géosciences de l'Environnement

Laboratories in Earth and Planets

The Earth and Planets team manages 5 laboratories in CEREGE: a remote sensing and GIS platform, a sedimentology laboratory, a magnetism laboratoty, a subsurface geophysic service as well as the cosmogenic nuclide national laboratory (which includes the ASTER instrument).

Cosmogenic Nuclide National Laboratory

The CNNL consists in 8 laboratories devoted to physical and chemical preparation of samples that should be analysed by accelerator mass spectrometry of 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca and 129I cosmogenic nuclides. It manages the ASTER instrument, an 5 MeV accelerator mass spectrometer designed by High Voltage Engineering Europa B.V. (HVE model 4150 AMS).

SIGeo : Geomatic and Imagery Service

SIGeo is a platform devoted to image processing and geomatics that helps field campaign, topographical data processing and integration in GIS projects or databases.

Sedimentology laboratory

The sedimentology laboratory is an analytical platform for all types of dry and wet sediments using laser granulometry, ostracods observations and morphometry.

Magnetism laboratory

The magnetism laboratory has all standard equipments for rock magnetism and palaeomagnetism studies on rocks and sediments, as well as new specific instruments.


The Geophysics service is devoted to geophycial prospection using magnetometry and electrical resistivity.