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Total: 76

First author (permanent members of team Earth and Planets, in bold + (ex-)PhDs students/Post-Docs, in italic): 30

Co-author: 46


Aboulahris, M., Chennaoui Aoudjehane, H., Rochette, P., Gattacceca, J., Jull, A.J.T., Laridhi Ouazaa, N., Folco, L., Buhl, S., 2019. Characteristics of the Sahara as a meteorite recovery surface. Meteoritical and Planetary Science, 54, Nr 12, 2908–2926, doi:10.1111/maps.13398 (hal-02413753v1)


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Anthony, E.J., Besset, M., Dussouillez, P., Goichot, M., Loisel, H., 2019. Overview of the Monsoon-influenced Ayeyarwady River delta, and delta shoreline mobility in response to changing fluvial sediment supply. Marine Geology, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2019.106038


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Charreau, J., Sartégou, A., Saint-Carlier, D., Lavé, J., Blard, P.H. et al. (including ASTER Team), 2019. Late Miocene to Quaternary slip history across the Qiulitag anticline in the southern Tianshan piedmont. Terra Nova, doi:10.1111/TER.12439 (hal-02344058v1)


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Total: 75

First author (permanent members of team Earth and Planets, in bold + (ex-)PhDs students/Post-Docs, in italic): 20

Co-author: 55


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