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Equipex IMAGINE2

National platform for IMaging and Analysis to Guide INnovation adressing the Environmental and Energy transition : IMAGINE2

Equipements Structurants pour la Recherche (ESR / EquipEx+)


October 2021-June 2029

A 7 M project to create an open technology platform 

Contact: Jérôme Rose (coordinator)


The strength and expertise of the IMAGINE2 consortium's is based on a coherent set of national partners

BRGM, Bureau De Recherches Géologiques Et Minières, Orléans

CEA-LITEN, Laboratoire d'innovation pour les technologies des énergies nouvelles et nanomatériaux, Grenoble

CEMHTI Conditions Extrêmes Matériaux: Haute Température Et Irradiation, Orléans

CEREGE Centre De Recherche Et D’enseignement De Géosciences De L’environnement, Aix en Provence

CSTB Centre Scientifique Et Technique Du Bâtiment, Saint-Martin d’Hères

EDyTEM Environnements, Dynamiques et Territoires de Montagne, Le Bourget du Lac.


GREMI Groupe De Recherches sur L’Energétique Des Milieux Ionisés, Orléans

ICMN Interfaces, Confinement, Matériaux et Nanostructures, Orléans

IPRA Institut Pluridisciplinaire De Recherche Appliquée, Pau

ITES Institut Terre Environnement Strasbourg, UMR 7063 CNRS, Strasbourg

ISTO Institut Des Sciences De La Terre d’Orléans, Orléans

LCE Laboratoire Chimie De L’environnement, Marseille

LSCE Laboratoire Des Sciences Du Climat Et L'environnement, Orme des Merisiers


Understanding environmental changes and their global impacts to equitably support human needs while limiting damages to the planet, are the main challenge for the 21st century. The IMAGINE2 national platform and its partners are focusing their efforts on environmental and energy transitions. Their objective is to generate quantitative data to build decision support tools. 

The objective of IMAGINE2 is to create an open technological platform spread across the French territory, to characterise a wide range of complex, heterogeneous, usually fragile materials and samples, related to the two pillars of the environmental and energy transition.

The platform aims to enhance our national capabilities and international competitiveness, while optimizing the investment and operating costs. The strength of this national platform will be to perform multiscale analysis in static and dynamic conditions (4D) under chemical, physical, biological, and mechanical loads.


A national platform for the French leadership in the Environmental and Energy Transition

IMAGINE2 aims to disrupt existing limitations by relying on and benefiting from recent technological breakthroughs in multi-scale imaging, tomography and spectroscopy/spectrometry for the characterisation of materials from environmental and energy transition research. IMAGINE2 also aims to develop new prototypes for the selection and sorting of targeted samples both on site and in the laboratory. The strengths of IMAGINE2 are based on a coherent suite of key instruments ranging from tools for onsite/lab pre-screening of samples to macro, micro and nano characterisation tools.

Work program

The activities to be undertaken to achieve the goals of the consortium will be organised in six workpackages.

WP0 (management, led by CEREGE) will ensure the project progresses in conformity with the work plan and with the ANR rules and procedures.

WP1 (definition of the needs and installation, led by CEREGE) will define the specifications of the equipment according to the needs of the research fields concerned. 

WP2 (network of best practices, harmonisation and training, led by ISTO) will develop crossinstrument guidelines and best practices. WP2 will develop samples preparation and characterisation specific workflows for the largest number of tools, and the largest range of samples (biological, aerosols, geological, materials). 

WP3 (Technical innovation, led by EDYTEM) will benefit from the IMAGINE2 partners’ expertise in instrumental development to build up unique devices for on-site and laboratory sorting/screening of samples. The implementation of correlative imaging will be based on software solutions and on the development of common geo-tracking sample holders able to move samples between different instruments thereby preserving the same global coordinate system. 

WP4 (Data for Science, led by BRGM) will support knowledge integration from the experimental perspective, by examining the quality aspects of the integration of workflows in the IMAGINE2 platform. 

WP5 (Access to IMAGINE2, led by IPRA) aims to provide easy, flexible access to researchers from academia and industry. During phase 1 (installation phase), WP5 will develop a set of guidelines and a master-plan to facilitate harmonised internal access, with a coherent pricing policy. Phase 2 (National platform functioning) will promote an open expanding and changing user community for the national platform. WP5 will promote the platform in both the academic and private sectors, via networking and a virtual environment that presents the whole range of services and capabilities provided by the platform.

WP6 (Knowledge management, dissemination, led by GeoRessources). The IMAGINE2 outreach strategy is to create a set of links between our consortium and the outside world. Continuous efforts will be made using a wide range of IT tools to target potential users and stakeholders.