Centre Européen
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Climate Research Group

Our Climate research group is focused on the interplay between external forcings and internal feedbacks of Earth's climate system. This interplay controls the evolution of marine and continental environments (ocean, continental surfaces, cryosphere) at a large range of spatial and temporal scales. Our group pionneers a wide range of techniques, using state of the art instruments, and by pioneering development at the forefront of geochemical, numerical and micropaleontological techniques. Techniques that we use to further understanding of the processes at play in the climate system are micropaleontology (diatoms, coccolithophorids, foraminifera, pollens, phytoliths, plants), organic geochemistry, elemental geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry (stable, cosmogenic & radiogenics), statistics and models. Our research is focused on, but not limited to, one of the key regions investigated by CEREGE scientists since its creation, the intertropical zone. More recently, we have been expanding our field work into the high latitudes.

Our research is built upon a set of 5 different laboratories, relies on both internal collaborations and a wide network of collaborations with french and worldwide laboratories. 

We are keen to train the future generation of scientists, from high school to PhD students, from Aix-Marseille Université (Licence SVT, Master STPE & Graduate School EDSE), and welcome any bright, team-spirited, hard-working students.

Our group holds biweekly seminar at 1 pm on fridays (usually Room 207). The schedule is announced on our twitter feed (@climate_cerege). Feel free to stop by on Mondays at 1.15pm for our weekly informal coffee meetings in the Pasteur building.


Team leaders : Thibault de Garidel-Thoron (garidel@cerege.fr) & Laurence Vidal (vidal@cerege.fr)

Webmasters : Marta Garcia, Clara Bolton, and Irene Schimmelpfennig

Climate forcings and Carbon Cycle

Sea level, ice sheets, and glacier dynamics

Water cycle and paleohydrology

Paleo-monsoons, Paleo-ENSO, and Paleo-circulation

Environmental Impacts: acidification, biodiversity, vegetation, societies and man


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