Centre Européen
de Recherche et d'Enseignement
des Géosciences de l'Environnement

Bachelor's Degree in Life and Earth Sciences

The training offered on the LES Bachelor's is multi-disciplinary (geology, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and human sciences) in view of the complexity of environmental topics.

Licence SVT université AMU


This multi-disciplinarity is built on in the first year common core course, and continues, to a lesser extent, over the following 2 years within the 8 courses of the LES Bachelor's :

  • Biodiversity and ecology: ecology, biology, biochemistry of the environment, statistics, etc.
  • Environment, pollution and environment: ecology, geography, environmental chemistry, etc.
  • Humans and the environment: sociology, ecology, geography, environmental chemistry, etc.
  • Sea: oceanography, biology, ecology, physics, modelling, etc.
  • Earth: geology, field techniques, geochemistry of the environment, etc.
  • Life and Earth Sciences (CAPES)
  • CUPGE "Agro-Veto" - Agronomic and Veterinary
  • Multi-sciences


Objectives of the LES Bachelor's

  •  to create multidisciplinary students who can grasp the way the planet operates, the various ecosystems (marine and terrestrial) and human disturbances via a multi-disciplinary approach,

  • to meet the progression of roles in environmental sciences,

  • supporting students in the progressive definition of their career and in particular, their choice of masters's degrees

Bachelor's Degree in Life and Earth Sciences