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Plant Nanobiotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture

Le prochain Grand Séminaire du CEREGE aura lieu mercredi 11 juillet 2018 à 13h30. Gregory V. Lowry, professeur à Carnegie Mellon University est invité par l’équipe Environnement Durable . Dans ce cadre-là, il présentera ses travaux sur les applications des nanotechnologies pour l’agriculture.

Nanotechnology can significantly improve the performance and sustainability of crop agriculture. However, an incomplete understanding of how a nanomaterial’s properties control its activity, fate, and bioavailability in agricultural systems hinders development of novel applications, e.g. agrochemical delivery systems. I will provide an overview of the most promising opportunities for nanotechnology in agriculture, and discuss several examples using synchrotron X-ray analysis of plants that are providing a more funda- mental understanding of how the properties of nanomaterials are affecting their interac- tions with plants. Specific examples include engineering nanomaterial coatings to pro- mote phloem loading in foliar applications to plants, and assessing the effects of charge, solubility, and chemical composition on distribution and uptake by plants. Overall, the body of evidence indicates great potential for manipulating nanomaterial properties for beneficial applications in agriculture and for increasing agrochemical utilization effi- ciency and sustainability of food production.

Lieu : Amphithéâtre du CEREGE