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PhDs Climate Research Group

If you are interested in joining us to study climate at all time scales, feel free to contact any of the scientists of the research group.

Most of the opportunities are open in spring, but some can also be open later in the year.



Souleyman ABBA

Fonctionnement hydrologique, géochimique et isotopique des lacs volcaniques du plateau de l'Adamoua (Nord-Cameroun)

Supervisors: Bruno Hamelin (CEREGE), Pierre Deschamps (CEREGE), Yannick Garcin (AMU) et Benjamin Ngounou Ngatcha (Université de NGAOUNDERE, Cameroun)


Michael Babatunde ADEBAYO

Dynamics of the Equatorial Ocean during Plio-Pleistocene Warm Periods by Automated Analysis of Planktonic Foraminifera

Supervisors: Thibault de Garidel-Thoron (CEREGE), Clara Bolton (CEREGE)



Paleoclimatic reconstruction for the past 40,000 years in the Kerguelen Archipelago from glacial chronologies constrained by the cosmogenic nuclide chlorine-36.

Supervisors: Irene Schimmelpfennig (CEREGE), Vincent Jomelli (CEREGE)


Elise Luciani

Dynamics of the Central American monsoon during Late Pleistocene: contributions of molecular biomarker isotopy

Supervisors: Guillaume Leduc (CEREGE), Eduard Bard (CEREGE)




Evolution and adaptation of coccolithophorids to recent environmental changes the Mediterranean Sea

Supervisors: Luc Beaufort (CEREGE),  Abed El Rahman Hassoun (National Centre for Marine Sciences, Lebanon)



Yacoub Abdallah NASSOUR

Contribution à la compréhension de l’évolution du climat en Afrique sub-saharienne au cours de la Période Humide Africaine : Apport de la composition isotopique en oxygène des diatomées de la cuvette nord du Tchad

Supervisor : Florence Sylvestre (CEREGE)


Marie Laugié

Oceanic circulation and primary productivity modelling during the Aptian to Maastrichtien range.

Supervisors : Yannick Donnadieu (CEREGE), Laurent Bopp (ENS)


Claire Martinot

Indian Ocean Paloceanography during the late Miocene : monsoon and global climates

Supervisors : Clara Bolton (CEREGE), Kazuyo Tachikawa (CEREGE)


2017 - 2020



17O-excess in plant silica : a tracer of relative humidity ? (ANR HUMI-17)

Supervisors : Anne Alexandre (CEREGE), Christine Vallet-Coulomb (CEREGE)




Impacts of the Drake Passage opening, pCO2 changes and Antarctic ice sheet formation on the evolution of global climate and oceans from the Eocene to the Oligocene

Supervisors : Yannick Donnadieu (CEREGE), Guillaume Dupont-Nivet (CNRS/Rennes University)




Benjamin BOUREL

Reconstruction of vegetation and climate variability dynamics during the Pliocene, inferred from pollen and micro-charcoals in ICDP-HSPDP coring site from Northern Awash (Ethiopia)

Supervisors : Doris Barboni (CEREGE), Luc Beaufort (CEREGE)