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OSU Institut Pythéas Scientific Day: Science and Society

7 December 2023

The next OSU Institut Pythéas Science Day will take place on **Thursday 7 December 2023** at the Saint Jérôme site.
Theme of the day: **Science and Society. Rethinking our relationship with society in the age of fake news and Holocaust denial **.
The OSU Institut Pythéas plays an active role in disseminating and integrating knowledge of the Earth, environment and universe sciences within society. The OSU designs and implements numerous initiatives aimed at sharing the latest developments in the research carried out by its scientific and technical teams with a variety of audiences, including students, institutions and the general public. In the current context, where the validity of scientific results is sometimes called into question, this mission of dissemination, essential and indispensable for a research institute, can nevertheless prove complex.

The interaction between science and society is of major importance in today's world, marked by a proliferation of misinformation, fake news and negationism (questioning of science, mistrust of the word of scientists). In an increasingly connected world, where information circulates at high speed, the relationship between science and society faces unprecedented challenges, but also offers unique opportunities. The theme of the OSU's Science Day, entitled "Science and Society: rethinking our relationship with society in the age of fake news and denial", invites us to reflect deeply on the way in which science interacts with the general public, on the obstacles that stand in the way of this interaction, and on the essential role of scientists in this dynamic.
This day is an opportunity to explore the current channels of communication that link science to society, to discuss the challenges that arise with the spread of misinformation, and to highlight the crucial responsibility of scientific players in creating an enlightened and constructive relationship with society.
**Programme** : **to be announced (**mornings: presentations - afternoons: workshops)
**Organising committee**: Guillaume LEDUC and Alain VERON (CEREGE) ; Keira BOUAKA, Nathalie DUPUY and Thierry TATONI (IMBE) ; Delphine RUSSEIL and Alexandre SANTERNE (LAM) ; Laurence FLEURY and Lama KABBANJI (LPED) ; Marielle JAPPIOT and Stéphane BONELLI (RECOVER) ; Sandrine Ruitton and Philippe CUNY (MIO) ; Thierry BOTTI, Marie CONSTANT, Mélody DIDIER, Aurélien PERTUZON (UAR OSU)


7 December 2023


St Jérôme, Marseille