Thesis opportunities

A number of thesis topics are proposed each year by the CEREGE teams.

Doctoral students doing their thesis at CEREGE become members of our laboratory for a period of 3 years and are welcomed in one of our research teams. This gives them access to our entire panel of scientific and technical expertise to train in their field of study, as well as to a network highly developed national and international collaborations.

Some doctoral students may also participate in education of a Bachelor's degree under a CME (Chargé de Mission d'Enseignement) contract.

All theses must be funded by a thesis grant awarded to the doctoral student to carry out his/her research work. Two types of funding should be distinguished.

  • Thesis grants funded by the researchers' research programmes and industrial contracts. The selection of candidates is made on an ad hoc basis through a process led by the research teams.

  • At CEREGE several grants can be awarded in the framework of the Doctoral Schools "Environmental Sciences" and "Spaces, Cultures and Societies. They are awarded in July through a competition organised by the organisations.

Theses 2022