User services

National service for the scientific community

LN2C provides the following resources and capabilities to the French research community (universities, EPST, EPIC):

  • Sample preparation by LN2C engineers
  • The provision of laboratories for visitors to prepare their samples, under the responsibility of permanent LN2C staff
  • Measurement of targets by the ASTER instrument

LN2C is not a commercial service measurement laboratory.


The tariffs are validated by the CNRS:
. DEC152043DR12 for 10Be- 26Al
. DEC152067DR12 for 36 Cl

The cost per sample covers the cost of consumables and the operation of the preparation laboratories.

Within the framework of the national service, the cost of the measurement on the national ASTER instrument is supported by a recurrent funding from CNRS/INSU and IRD.

Request for quotation

Requests for quotations can be addressed to the LN2C scientific managers