The research carried out by the Climate team focuses on understanding the dynamics of past, present and future climates. We study the mechanisms that determine theevolution of terrestrial and marine environments (oceans, continental surfaces, cryosphere) over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Our work contributes to a better understanding the Earth's climate history, the functioning of the atmosphere and oceans, and predicting changes in the future. future environmental problems.

The team uses a number of tools necessary to accurately trace climate mechanisms and processes: bioindicators (diatoms, coccolithophores, foraminifera, pollens, phytoliths, higher plants), geochemistry (organic, elemental, stable isotope, cosmogenic and radiogenic), and modelling (digital, inverse).

Our analytical arsenal includes the Micropaleontological preparation platform, the Automated micropaleontologyplatform, the ANalysis of Stable Isotopes (PANISS)s laboratory, the Organic, Inorganic and Isotopic Geochemistry (LGO2i)and the radiogenic and non-conventional isotopes (ENVITOP).

The team contributes to the teaching of the Master STPE and Master MER.