CEREGE develops and uses unique national and international state-of-the-art platforms and equipment.

The equipment, controlled by qualified technical staff within numerous laboratories and platforms, are grouped into technical poles attached to the 4 CEREGE research teams.

Outstanding facilities include the National Laboratory for Cosmogenic Nucleides (LN2C) hosting the ASTER accelerator, labelled a "national instrument" by CNRS-INSU, the Aix-MICADAS spectrometer (LGO2i laboratory)s, the HR and MC-ICPMS spectrometers (ENVITOP platform) and IRMS (PANISS platform) as well as the X-ray micro and nano-tomographs (MATRIX platform).

The CEREGE also develops unique and innovative instruments in-house These include robotic sorting devices, X-ray spectrometers, aquatic mesocosm platforms, a high-definition display of sediment cores, magnetometers and susceptibility meters, etc.

Five CEREGE platforms are part of theresearch infrastructure RéGEF (French geochemical and experimental network, CNRS-INSU) and six platforms have been awarded the label Aix-Marseille Technology Platform "(Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, INSERM).

The opening up to other academic or industrial laboratories for external services is in particular proposed by the platforms labelled "Aix-Marseille Technology Platform".