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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Education Climate

The teaching activities of the CLIMAT team are closely linked to its research activities and its platforms and laboratories.

The teacher-researchers of the team are very involved in the training by ensuring the support of courses, by developing international pedagogical projects (Erasmus+, CIVIS) and innovative pedagogies (project-based learning).

They are involved in several AMU courses of study in connection with environmental sciences:

SVT Licence (Land, SBG and Sea routes)

-Licence de Chimie (Chemistry course)

-Bachelor's degree in geography and planning (Geography and planning course)

Master STPE (Geosciences, Reservoirs, Water, Climate, Continental Surfaces)

Master in Environmental Management (Environment and Climate Management Course)

-Master in Marine Sciences (OBEM and OPB courses)

-Master MEEF (Teaching Life Sciences, Earth Sciences)

-Master Archaeology, sciences for archaeology (Bio-archaeology and naturalist approaches to anthropised sequences)

-Master GEORES (Univ. N'Djamena) (Georesources, Climate and Hydrology)

The courses taught are in the form of lectures, practical sessions and field and laboratory work, and focus on the dynamics of surface envelopes, palaeontology, sedimentology, environmental and oceanic geochemistry, the
geochronology, biogeochemical cycles, the climate system, the carbon cycle (anthropogenic and geological), paleoclimatology, geochemical tracers in paleoclimatology, climate issues.

Some courses are taught by several of the team's engineers and researchers in connection with the analytical platforms and specific Master's courses.

The team also has access to courses/seminars of the Chair for Climate and Ocean Evolution of the Collège de France carried by a member of the team.

The team welcomes between 10 and 20 trainees each year (Master 2, Master 1, engineering schools, BUT/DUT Chemistry/Physics/Environment) on various topics.