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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Teaching Sustainable Environment

The teaching activities of the Sustainable Environment team are closely linked to its research activities and its platforms and laboratories. They are carried out by 4 teacher-researchers (Blanche Collin, Catherine Keller, Nicolas Roche and Danielle Slomberg)1 ATER and several engineers and researchers in the team who develop innovative pedagogical approaches.

The team is involved in the following educational streams :

The courses taught cover environmental issues, biogeochemical cycles, biogeochemistry of contaminants, soil sciences, remediation of polluted sites and soils, environmental nanotechnologies, water chemistry, circular economy, process engineering, water treatment methods, ecotoxicity and methods of analysis and characterisation of environmental solutions and matrices (soils, plants, waste). 

Topics are taught in the form of lectures but also during fieldwork, practical work in our laboratories and visits to industrial sites. 

The team hosts trainees of all levels (BUT, Licence, Master M1 & M2, Engineering schools, ...) on various subjects (see some examples of internship offers). 

Some key actions

Innovative pedagogy

Introduces innovative pedagogical approaches such as climate mural, the floor muralthe Jigsaw method, interactive tools such as Wooclaps, the visits to industrial sites or visits of the laboratory.

Practical work in our laboratories

Students (Master's level) are trained on CEREGE's state-of-the-art equipment (LA-ICP-MS platform, MATRIX platform, ENVITOP platform, Colloid Characterisation Laboratory). 

Scientific mediation

To spread knowledge at all levels, workshops are run at the Arbois Science Village during Fête de la Science. The NAMAC game and a video series about nanoparticles called "Did You Know? on nanoparticlesoffers an opportunity for the familiarization with scales of size. Trainees from middle schools and high schools are also hosted and tutored projects are supervised(BCPST prep school).    

Teaching "elsewhere".