Sustainable Environment

The team Sustainable Environment addresses the impact of human activities (industry, agriculture, etc.) on our Environment (water, soil, atmosphere), the sustainable preservation of continental resources being major scientific challenges for the coming decades. The objective is to understand the biophysical-chemical processes and reaction mechanisms controlling the emission, transfer, accumulation and impact of contaminants and organic matter in our Environment.

The team is interested in the eco-design of materials and processes in order to limit the anthropic impact, reuse resources and valorise waste. It relies on multi-scale approaches in space and time as well as on coupled skills in mineralogy, pedology, isotope geochemistry, micro-spectroscopy, imaging, physical chemistry and process engineering.

We have a unique range of analytical tools and environmental exposure devices such as the Elemental chemistry (LA-ICP-MS)platform, the2D and 3D X-ray imaging (MATRIX)s laboratory, the Characterisation of Colloidss laboratory, the Soil Preparation and Analysis and the Centre for Innovation and Research in Environment and Eco-technologies (CIRENE) which brings together, within a technology hall located on the Arbois site, experimental devices, pilot and semi-pilot scale prototypes and instrumental developments. 

The team contributes to education at the levels of Bachelor, Licence and Master.