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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Interactions with the socio-economic world

The research developed by CEREGE is at the heart of numerous societal challenges related to climate change, the management of water, soil, raw material and critical element resources, the impact of human activities on terrestrial ecosystems, the environmental transition, etc.

The laboratory benefits from an international reputation which it owes to the support of the strategic policies of its supervisory bodies and to the development of innovative scientific themes. CEREGE is distinguished by the quality of its non-academic interactions and the development of products for the socio-economic world, as implied by the "Plateforme Technologique Aix-Marseille" (AMU-CNRS-INSERM) certification of some of its equipment.

Innovation to meet societal challenges

Collaborative projects with industrialists ranging from start-ups (e.g. Hymag'in), mid-sized companies (e.g. ALLIOS, IPSEN), to large groups (e.g. EDF, TotalEnergies, OCP), have enabled the development of new processes, new methodologies, and major technological and methodological advances on societal issues such as the circular economy. Some of our research activities cover various levels of technological maturity, ranging from proof of concept to implementation (TRL 1 to 4). Some of these projects result in the support of doctoral theses financed directly by the partners or by CIFRE grants.

TotalEnergies is one of our main industrial partners in recent years (Carbonate Energy-Environment-Education Chair, DATCARB project, CIFRE on water treatment), whose long-term objectives are to focus on research questions related to the energy transition and major global issues.

We also collaborate with EDF concerning, among other things, the tracing of cosmonuclides in the environment (partnership with ANDRA), the sedimentary functioning of the Buech, the seismic risk and the nuclear industry (partnership with the CEA and the IRSN).

Collaboration contracts

Over the last 5 years, CEREGE has signed research collaboration contracts with 27 industrial partners for more than €8M on topics such as carbonates, the tracing of cosmonuclides in the environment, the sedimentary functioning of the Buech river, seismic risk and the nuclear industry with EDF, but also nano-materials and nano-technologies, the recyclability of waste and water, and industrial risks associated with natural hazards (earthquakes, etc.) ....

Moreover, CEREGE is located on the site of the Arbois Méditerranée Environment Technopole, one of the departments of the Aix Marseille Metropolis. This Technopole, dedicated to the environment, aims to encourage cross-fertilisation between companies and start-ups. It is home to 110 innovative companies, 2 business incubators and 6 competitiveness clusters. The CEREGE is therefore positioned at the heart of a strong innovation dynamic on environmental issues, which will enable it to forge numerous links with the site's companies.