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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Earth and Planets

The Earth and Planets team brings together researchers from various backgrounds, geologists, geophysicists and geographers, around themes such as :

  • the evolution of landforms and landscapes in response to internal (tectonic) and external (geomorphological) forcing
  • the formation and evolution of solid matter in the solar system: planets, asteroids, dust
  • the internal dynamics of planets: current and past terrestrial magnetic field, extraterrestrial and planetary magnetism, meteorites.

These research activities are developed within the framework of national and international projects on current themes with strong societal impacts: natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, decrease in dynamo intensity), sea level variations, dynamics of societies and land use since the Neolithic period, anthropogenic impacts on morphogenesis, evolution of the human lineage in its environment.

Our team is federated around transversal tools carried by our platforms such as geochronology (cosmogenic nuclides and optically stimulated luminescence), geophysics (magnetism), geomatics, remote sensing and the analysis of the physico-chemical properties of sediments and terrestrial and extraterrestrial rocks.

Our analytical arsenal includes the National Laboratory for Cosmogenic Nucleides (LN2C)on Imaging and Geomatics Department (SIGEO)the platform Materials Magnetism and Ground Geophysics (MMGT) and the Sedimentology.

The team contributes to the teaching of Masters STPE and GE (Environmental Management, GERINAT course)

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