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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Academic Programs

M1 and M2 Internship Offers
Discover the world of research in the context of a Master's course.

Thesis opportunities
Doing a PhD at CEREGE.

From the first year of the Bachelor's degree to the Doctorate, CEREGE and its staff are responsible for the teaching of Earth and Environmental Sciences at AMU.

Our courses are based on a broad spectrum of expertise covering a range of disciplines from palaeontology to planetology, including geochemistry, geology and geophysics. A variety of courses are offered in our curriculum, allowing students to acquire a complete training in Geosciences.

In addition to the 40 AMU professors/researchers working at CEREGE, many researchers and engineers are also involved in our training programmes to share their expertise. One of the major strengths of our training programmes is the exceptional range of platforms at CEREGE, which enable us to train our students in cutting-edge techniques in Earth Sciences.

Within AMU's undergraduate programmes, CEREGE is mainly involved in the SVT Licence and its Earth route. The members of CEREGE also actively participate in the teaching of other courses in the SVT Licence:

CEREGE also runs the Licence Geological Technician.

The OSU Pythéas also hosts a wide range of MastersThe CEREGE is strongly involved in the development of new technologies, particularly in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences. CEREGE is strongly involved in the Master Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environment (STPE) and the Master in Environmental Management (GeE)

CEREGE professors also participate in the teaching of geosciences within other Masters programmes:

A CMI and two doctoral schools complement and support our teaching activities.

Finally, the courses and symposiums of the chair of climate and ocean change a Collège de France are public and open to all in person in Paris or occasionally outside Paris, notably in Aix-Marseille.