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Writing the history of climate-society interactions from the Alps to the Mediterranean from Antiquity to the present day. What prospects for the 21st century? Workshop in honour of Georges Pichard

21 November 2023 - 22 November 2023

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In almost fifty years of research, Georges Pichard (1939-2022), a modernist historian and outstanding archivist, has left a major, original and incomparable contribution to our knowledge of the environmental history of Lower Provence, the Rhône Valley and the southern Alps. This unique work, whose form is in keeping with the historical trend of the École des Annales, above all brings to light the formidable wealth of original documentary sources and the first instrumental recordings that can be used to write a hitherto unpublished history of the climate in the south of France. This history of the climate, now an interdisciplinary field of research, encompasses its reconstruction on the basis of written sources and natural archives, and the use of these reconstructions to study the history of societies. It is this second aspect, the writing of the history of climate-society interactions, that will be at the heart of the two-day workshop taking place on 21 and 22 November 2023.
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21 November 2023
22 November 2023