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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences



The hydro-terrain platform provides a range of scientific instruments for :
. hydrometry (flow and water level measurements)
. piezometric measurement
. measuring the fluorescence of water
. physico-chemical characterisation of natural waters (conductivity, pH, temperature, alkalinity)
. the measurement of the 222 isotope of radon dissolved in water
. pumping of groundwater
. management and preparation of samples for geochemical analysis

For flow measurements, several techniques can be used depending on the specificity of the terrain: dilution methods, reels, Doppler profilers. In addition, the platform provides specific equipment for accessing difficult terrain: clothing adapted for river measurements, boats, equipment for accessing vertical environments (ropes, moorings).

The hydro-terrain platform is attached to the RRH team. It supports both research and teaching activities. In addition, it plays a central role in the acquisition of the various observation data that feed the work carried out by the RRH team.