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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Radiogenic and non-conventional isotopes (ENVITOP)


The ENVITOP platform specialises in the isotope geochemistry of the earth's surface and subsurface environments, past and present, and participates in scientific programmes dealing with the reconstruction of past climates, major geochemical cycles and the effect of anthropogenic activities on the environment.

His work involves the high-precision measurement of the relative or absolute abundances of isotopes in rocks, water, sediments and anthropogenic artefacts, in trace amounts (μg/g) or ultra-trace amounts (ng/g or less).

The fields of application fall into two main categories: isotopic tracing of sources (strontium, lead, neodymium, iron, silicon, cadmium, uranium and radium isotope signatures) and absolute dating by radiochronology (uranium-thorium and uranium-lead radioactive imbalances).

. Master 1 and 2
PhD students

. Isotope analyses for research organisations