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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Micropaleontological preparation


The Micropaleontology Preparation Laboratory (MPL) is part of the thematic team CLIMATE of CEREGE. This platform brings together researchers who use bio-indicators present in oceanic and continental sedimentary archives or in the current environment.

The purpose of this laboratory is to extract the bio-indicators from their carrier medium (sediment, water, plants) in order to rid them of particles that hinder microscopic observation or that may bias the geochemical analysis.
Extractions are priced according to the CNRS tariff (on request)

The extraction of bioindicators is a crucial step that determines the quality of future analyses.

All types of samples are analysed here:
. sedimentary (core)
. pedological
. plants (field or seagrass samples), natural aquatic (net fishing, bottle fishing, water-sediment interface)

Our laboratories are individualised because the chemicals used for each typical extraction (even in steam) can alter the skeleton of other bio-indicators (e.g. HF to extract pollen which dissolves silica).
A total of 10 workstations can be used simultaneously.


. The LPM welcomes each year students from the Master STPE

. From academic tutorials (L3, M1, M2) or private courses can be organised, contact the specialist.

Coccoliths : L.Beaufort, C.Bolton, B.Suchéras-Marx
Foraminifera T. de Garidel-Thoron
Phytoliths-morphoscopy : D. Barboni
Phytoliths-geochemistry : A.Alexandre
Diatoms : C.Paillès, F.Sylvestre, F.Chalié
Pollen : V.Andrieu