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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences


The objective of FOOD-RE is :

. to reconstruct the environmental (ecosystem, geosystem), climatic and economic (potential food resources) conditions of the first hominins since their "out of Africa".

. to distinguish the environmental factors of the migratory dynamics of hominin and large herbivore populations over the last 3 Ma: climatic variability, herbivory, geodynamics (volcanism), fires and erosive processes.

FOOD-RE is based on the exceptional discovery of proto-cereal pollen from 2.3 Ma at Acigol, which calls into question the beginning of cereal cultivation in the Neolithic.

The methodology is interdisciplinary (environmental, life and human sciences) and retrospective. It is based on multiproxy data acquisition and modelling. We will work on long and continuous natural archives, covering almost the entire Quaternary in the eastern and western Mediterranean.

2022-2026: ANR FOOD-RE

Head of CEREGE :
Valérie Andrieu

Partners ISEM, LSCE, Aarhus University

Food resources, climate and large herbivores: long-term interactions in a Mediterranean ecosystem