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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Inorganic chemistry unit applications

High resolution palaeoenvironmental profiles

Numerous technical tests have allowed us to show that semi-quantitative analyses by XRF scanner can be calibrated with ICP-MS measurements (Böning et al. 2007, Cartapanis et al. 2011). The combination of the two methods makes it possible to assess the variability of climatic parameters such as river input (via characterisation of the terrigenous fraction with Ti, K, Si, Fe, etc.), biological productivity (with Br and Cd for organic matter, Ca and Sr for biogenic carbonates, Si/K or Si/Ti for opal), as well as the redox conditions in the water column or sediments (e.g. Fe/Ti, Mn/Ti, Mo, U, Cd)

We use major, minor and trace element records from marine sediment cores to reconstruct monsoon-related rainfall variability in the intertropics (Tachikawa et al. 2011), to study changes in deep water mass ventilation (Pailler et al. 2002, Bard & Rickaby 2009, Tachikawa et al. 2015) and intermediate water masses, especially at oxygen minimum zones (Böning & Bard 2009, Cartapanis et al. 2011, 2012, 2014), to highlight the contribution of rivers (Soulet et al. 2013), as well as to study the stratigraphy of sediments at high resolution (Darfeuil et al. 2016, Demory et al. 2019, Simon et al. 2020). We also contribute to lake sediment studies to monitor climate variability at different time scales, as well as to study anthropogenic impact at regional scales (Wilhelm et al. 2012, 2013, Jenny et al. 2013, Simonneau et al. 2013, Doyen et al. 2013, Brisset et al. 2013, 2019, Gasse et al. 2015, Guerra et al. 2017, Cartier et al. 2018, Jouve et al. 2019, Marriner et al. 2019, Rodriguez-Zorro et al. 2020, 2022, Van der Meeren et al. 2022).

Paleoceanographic indicators

Foraminifera have a calcareous skeleton (test) that records the physical and chemical properties of seawater. A frequently used application in paleoceanography is based on the Mg/Ca ratio as a thermometer (Barker al. 2005). Mg/Ca as well as other ratios (Sr/Ca, U/Ca) measured in corals can also be used as a palaeothermometer (Cardinal et al. 2001, Silenzi et al. 2005). The foraminiferal Mg/Ca ratio has been applied to many recent Quaternary archives, allowing us to assess the influence of radiative forcing in relation to atmospheric CO2 concentration on surface water temperature in the western tropical Pacific Ocean (Tachikawa et al. 2014) and to reconstruct the vertical thermal structure in the water column by combining several calcifying foraminiferal species at different depths (Regoli et al. 2015, Hollstein et al. 2018). The application of the Mg/Ca ratio is not limited to the Recent Quaternary. The proxy has allowed us to trace the North Atlantic surface circulation during the intensification of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation in the Plio-Pleistocene (Bolton et al. 2018). More recently, we revealed for the first time that the tropical ocean was cooled with an amplitude as large as 3ºC during the Late Miocene (9-5 Ma) (Martinot et al. 2022).

The analysis of Mg/Ca started with the ICP-OES of the CEREGE's joint chemistry service, but since 2017 the analyses are carried out using the ICP-QMS of the LGO2i, as well as to measure other elemental ratios from the same foraminifera. For example, the U/Ca ratio of foraminiferal tests varies depending on the amount of authigenic uranium precipitated on the tests from the ocean floor or in the sediments. It serves as an indicator of the oxygenation status of the deep water (Tachikawa et al. 2021).

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