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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Geophysical and petrographic tools

The instruments of the chalet

. Superconducting Magnetometer SRM760R (2G Enterprises) for long samples and with in-line AF demagnetization

. Vibrating sample magnetometer 8604 (LakeShore) with temperature range: 77-950 K

. Susceptibilimeter MFK1 (AGICO), frequency and variable field, low and high temperature, rotational device for anisotropy

. High resolution magnetic scanner (in-house development) and its Hallbach rings

. TD48SC PaleoIntensity Furnace (ASC) with controlled atmosphere device

. LDA5 alternating field demagnetizer (AGICO)

. Pulsed field magnet MMPM9 (Magnetic Measurements)

. Helium Pycnometer Stereopycnometer (QuantaChrome Instruments)

The Roche Module instruments

. Cutting machine (BROTLAB)

. Double blade carrot saw

. Rectiplaque (BROT)

. Core drilling machine

. Grinder (BROT)

. Polisher (BROT)

. Ring mill

Geophysical equipment

. Foerster fluxgate gradimeter with datalogger

. Magneto-Optical Imaging of Iron Meteorite

. Magnetometer and susceptibility meter for lunar rocks

. Home-made printed circuit board

. Electrical Resistivity Tomography System, ABEM Terrameter SAS4000

. Ohmmeter for electrical prospecting (4 electrode methods)

. Geometrics G856 Proton precession magnetometer

. QMLab MMPOS Overhauser effect magnetometer

. Geometrics G-858 Caesium vapor magnetometer

. G-858 magnetometer in gradiometer configuration

. Fluxgate magnetometer for metal detection

. LE3D/5sec 3-axis seismograph for H/V method

. Dedicated Meteorite Meter (MetMet)

. Magneto-Optical Imaging (MOI) system with ultra-sensitive camera

. Equipment for development and calibration

. Tromino Blu, the highly portable seismometer (10 x 14 x 8 cm, 1kg) for the H/V method