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Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

Experimental Modelling & Acoustics Tools

This laboratory operates at both audible and ultrasonic frequencies, and is composed as follows:

  • LF (0-150kHz) transmitter-receiver chain, (amp, preamp, filters,...)
  • Bruel & Kjaer omnidirectional transducers (sources and receivers)
  • Arbitrary function generator for the source signal
  • HF transceiver chain (20 kHz - 1GHz), Sofranel transceiver (pulse signal)
  • Directional RF transducers (300-750kHz), (500-1MHz)
  • Precision mechanical and electrical frame with 4 axes (x,y,z,T), controlled by microprocessor under labview
  • 3 mini tanks (50x50x50cm)
  • An acoustic tank (2×1.6x 2m) + water pump, filters etc. with hoist (500kg)
  • 1 biprocessor under Linux for our calculations and modelling.

Marine sedimentary ecosystem

Study of sedimentary ecosystems. Oceanic tank: fauna/sea/marine sediment interface.

Acoustic study of multiple scattering in granular media

Acoustic tank operating at ultrasonic frequencies.

Imaging of biophysical environments

Acoustic cells operating at audible frequencies for imaging biophysical (roots) or geophysical environments.

Thesis Benjamin MARY (2015)

Acoustic tomography of porous heterogeneous rocks (carbonates)

Acoustic tanks operating at low frequencies. 4 axis mechanical and electrical design (x, y, z, theta)

Dawin BADEN's thesis 2017

Tiltable hydraulic channel with variable flow rate

Study of sediment transport, ocean or river environment, ecosystems, pollution, ... hydrothermal systems