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MatriX platform

MatriX is an analytical platform that allows the characterization of all types of objects using non-destructive X-ray techniques (micro-diffraction, micro-fluorescence, micro-computed and nano-computed tomography). 

The creation of this platform in CEREGE is the result of the Sustainable Environment group's ambition to acquire high-performance tools capable of visualizing a wide variety of complex samples with high spatial resolution (from the micrometer to the nanometer scale). 

MatriX is a platform open to all (academic and industrial laboratories). It is supported by the Plateforme Technologique Aix-Marseille label. 

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Our expertise

A complete service for advanced correlative imaging and multi-scale characterization

MatriX offers expertise in 2D and 3D X-ray imaging with high spatial resolution. Its analytical facilities allow the combined use of several non-destructive techniques to characterize the (i) mineralogical (micro X-ray diffraction), (ii) chemical (hyperspectral mapping by micro X-ray fluorescence) and (iii) structural (X-ray micro and nano-computed tomography) heterogeneity of a single sample. 


Our instruments for your research

MatriX facilities consist of an X-ray diffractometer, several X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, two high spatial resolution X-ray tomographs (micro and nano-tomographs acquired as part of the project EquipeX NanoID), as well as a sample preparation laboratory and workstations dedicated to data processing and image analysis.




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