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Cafés 1TP5Discovering Arbois: atomic force microscopy (AFM)

18 September 2023 @ 1.30pm - 14h30

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**Monday 18 September** will see the next edition of the "Cafés #découverte de l'Arbois". The aim of this programme of events is to reveal the treasures of the Technopôle and to encourage discussion between technopolitans over a convivial coffee/tea 🙂 
This new edition will be devoted to A5 Science and its atomic force microscope (AFM)** 👩‍🔬
Thanks to its AFM Technology, A5 Science offers biotechnology and #cleantech companies the opportunity to analyse and quantify the biomechanical data of their innovation at the molecular level and under controlled physiological conditions.
Don't miss this opportunity to talk to the two founders of the start-up, Véronique Lachaize**, Doctor of Biology and Health, and Arthur Gaveau**, Doctor of Process Engineering. 
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18 September 2023
1.30 - 2.30 pm


Nursery #Cleantech