Centre Européen de Recherche et d’Enseignement
des Géosciences de l’Environnement
Centre Européen de Recherche et d’Enseignement
des Géosciences de l’Environnement

Cells and committee

Cells or committees supporting the management on societal and environmental issues

Communication Unit

Composed of volunteer researchers, engineers and technicians. It has a wide range of missions, from internal and external communications to scientific culture.
The communications unit, headed by Alain Veron, acts as a link between the communications departments of the parent institutions: OSU Institut Pytheas, CNRS, AMU and IRD.
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Referent : A. Véron
Members : C. Sonzogni, V. Vidal, J. Longerey, C. Beaussier, L. Monnier, L. Benedetti, F.Demory, V.Jomelli, C. Levard, A.Licht, B. Martin-Garin, C. Puigserver

Doctoral Students' Committee

Composed of 11 members, its aim is to ensure that doctoral students are better integrated into the group and to monitor the progress of their theses. The committee helps to resolve problems and disseminate information, and represents a trusting, shared and supportive body throughout the project.
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Parity Unit

Since its creation in 2019, the Parité unit has been organising actions to reduce the imbalance between men and women by following 3 steps: Measure, Understand, Act. In particular, it draws up a document comparing the situation of men and women in the laboratory, which highlights potential inequalities in the distribution of men and women, career progression, recruitment, representation on management bodies and project management. The unit also organises training courses to reduce these inequalities, for example on implicit gender bias or on the obstacles to women's careers.
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Referent : A. Alexandre
Members : P. Rieu, J. Fleury

Green cell

Created in 2019, the "Cellule Verte" aims to quantify and improve the carbon footprint and ecological impact of research and teaching activities at CEREGE. To achieve this, it is implementing communication and awareness-raising initiatives.
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Referent : I. Schimmelpfennig
Members : X. Giraud, C. Levard, O. Cavalié, S. Brochard, J. Couturier, S. Viewfinder, V. Chazottes, Y. Fagault, J. Aleman, L. Monnier, P. Chaurand.

Scientific Collections Conservation Unit -C3S

The unit proposes and implements solutions to the problems of storing samples and managing a relational database associated with the samples. The Arbois site has a carothèque with a storage capacity of 600 m3 of refrigerated space and almost 850 m2 of non-refrigerated space.
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Referent : D. Delanghe
Members: S.Conrod, G. Gassier, W . Barthelemy, F. Demory, A. Duvivier, A. Zapelli, F. Chalié, A. Lebatard, J.D. Meunier, P. Henry, T. de Garidel, J. Gattacceca