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environmental geosciences
Research and teaching centre
environmental geosciences

The report of the CEREGE gender unit

10/03/2023, CNRS headquarters: Let's talk about equality: from institutional policies to concrete actions in laboratories.

Since its creation in 2019 within CEREGE, the Parity cell organises actions to reduce the imbalance between men and women by proceeding according to three steps: measure, understand, act. In particular, it draws up the comparative situation document between women and men in the laboratory. This document highlights potential inequalities in the distribution of women and men, career progression, recruitment, representation in management bodies and project management.

On International Women's Rights Day, the Parity Unit published the CEREGE's comparative situation for 2022, document summarising the gender equality actions proposed since 2019: training on implicit gender bias, training to reduce barriers to women's careers and mentoring.

The unit also organises training to reduce these gaps, for example, on implicit gender bias or on barriers to women's careers.

"Let us remain vigilant to ensure that women are present at all levels in a proportion that meets or exceeds their share of the workforce: governance, team management, platform management, seminars, grant allocation, recruitment committee, promotion proposals, funding application selections...

Referent : A. Alexandre
Members : P. Rieu, J. Fleury